Costs to Consumers

We believe in clean, solar energy. In fact, we think it's one of the most important things we can invest in. But making solar energy a priority means sharing that sacrifice - it doesn't mean that a select few should be given special treatment and everyone else should be paying their bill. But that's exactly what's happening now because of the California solar panel makers who are getting paid with your tax money and turning right around to raise your energy bills!

Imagine this: a man shows up at a restaurant to dine, but brings his own packed picnic lunch. Even though he hasn't purchased any food, he's still using the restaurant's services: having the waiter bring him water, taking up a table, and creating dirty dishes for the restaurant to wash. And that's not even considering the restaurant's overhead expenses, such as lights, air conditioning, and rent. You can imagine the frustration of the waiter if the man refused to pay him anything as he left, saying, "But I brought my own food!"

This is very similar to the problem posed by net metering, which is the name for the solar users connecting to the normal power grid. Even if a rooftop solar customer is a net producer of energy, they are still having their energy flow managed by the utility company, their connection to the grid maintained by the energy company, and their surplus energy marketed by the energy company (at a 400% premium, no less). Think about it: They use the same power lines and utility poles that we do! After being waited on hand and foot, don't you think they at least ought to pay for the services that they share with people like us?

If that's not bad enough, consider this: The restaurant will end up passing those costs onto the other patrons. The same goes for the solar power costs. When those wealthy enough to install solar panels get a free ride from the utility company, the extra overhead costs need to be covered by the consumers who can't afford solar panels. The people who are ultimately picking up the tab are us.