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AZ Corporation Commissioner Bob Burns' Open Letter on Net Metering Concerns

Arizona Corporation Commissioner Bob Burns penned an interesting open letter to constituents about concerns over the existing net metering scheme.

Here are the facts

As temperatures soar across Arizona, so has the debate between out-of-state rooftop solar companies and APS over net metering reform. This is a complicated and important issue for our senior communities served by APS, and our concern is that seniors are being sold a rotten deal by those representing these out-of-state companies – companies that want little more than to be the next Solyndra benefiting from taxpayer handouts.

Protecting those who need it most

One of the untold hardships created by the California billionaires behind TUSK is the devastating impact that net metering has on lower income customers across the system.

Wealthier customers who can afford to install solar panels in their homes reap all the benefits and avoid paying their fair share of utility lines and other infrastructure that they use.

Taking Money from Seniors

A recent article in the Phoenix business Journal reminds us that seniors are using solar in great numbers. That's exactly what we want. Solar adoption is an excellent move for people across Arizona. However, the only way that solar energy can be sustainable and effective in the long term is if it's built in a fair and equitable way now. Unfortunately, that's not what the California Corporate interests behind TUSK would have you believe.